TCU Grad. History Major. Religion Minor. World Traveler. Avid Reader. Movie Critic.


Welcome to Jakes Takes, a new blog dedicated to awakening your interest in America’s fascinating historical journey.  My name is Jake Keith McCollum, and I am a true lover of this great country’s proud heritage.  There are several reasons why I am writing this blog.

Through a series of brief yet meaningful true-life stories, I would like to acquaint, or perhaps reacquaint, you with our common historical ancestors.  My desire is that each of the stories, which feature sometimes forgotten or ignored episodes in America’s past, will encourage you to learn more about these dynamic characters and their dramatic contributions to America.  Each weekly installment will be an exciting tale rather than the dry and boring set of dates and facts that oftentimes characterize history class.  Each story will be personal and self-contained, truly “his-story” (or “her-story”).

I plan on posting a new story every Sunday afternoon or evening.  Hopefully you will find time in your busy schedule to let Jakes Takes reawaken your childlike fascination with the people and events that define the American experience.  If you have a child who would be interested in real American heroes (as well as a few villains) and adventures, then I would suggest you read the stories with them.  I’ve tried to appeal to young and “mature” alike.

As you read, imagine yourself as a part of the story and not just an observer of an event that happened so long ago.  Feel the rush of adrenaline as you engage the enemies of freedom and endure the same hardships that these Americans endured as they fought to create “the land of the free, and the home of the brave.”  Some of the characters and stories may be known to you, some not.  Every story is important though, and every story will carry a profound lesson that we Americans should take to heart.

Lessons from our past are necessary if we desire America to continue as it has for over two hundred years.  As the 18th century British statesman Edmund Burke famously said, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”  Let us then begin the process of learning from history by hearing from our fellow Americans.

4 responses to “About

  1. McKinley

    This is so amazing Jake! Super excited to follow you!

  2. Kay Goar

    Would that friendships held this strong a bond today! I see friendships broken over the most trivial events and even read of violence toward friends and family. I imagine the bond between Longstreet and Grant raised more than a few eyebrows at the time, especially as the war wore on. The decision to stay in the South must have been painful for many Confederate military men. Fascinating perspective.

  3. Harper Stewart

    Jake, I have enjoyed reading some of your blog information. I will be sure to share this with my wife as she was a history minor! Thanks again! Harper Stewart

  4. Jack Showers

    Jake, I am so happy to reconnect with you and hopefully your mom and dad. It’s been a few years when I helped your mom get you up stairs at church in Weatherford. Can’t wait to start reading your blog and make at trip to see you and your family. Jack Showers

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